With the first snow on the streets, we know that Christmas is fast approaching. As every year, we have prepared a gift guide from Pragovka for you.


1. 12. 2023

Let yourself be inspired in your selection by our Xmas Gift Guide, where you will find a list of unconventional gifts for art lovers, coffee enthusiasts, or even sports fans. By purchasing, you will bring double joy – to the recipient and to our residents who have prepared this unique offer for you :) 


      Traditional Christmas sale of art by residents, but also by artists outside our residency studios – right here you can buy original and unconventional gifts that will delight many recipients. Join us on Sunday, December 3, from 1:00pm at Pražská Továrna at Pragovka and choose interesting pieces.


      • You can buy themed drawings from the WINTER cycle by resident Kateřina Adamová. Previews can be found on the website, where you can also contact Kateřina for purchases.

            • Are you interested in design products that you can actually use? This year you can acquire very interesting pieces from Martin Žampach. In addition to vases, which you probably already know, you can also buy a coffee table. In the LOOPS collection, Martin focused mainly on the manufacturing process and environmentally friendly materials. Coffee tables are made from renewable sources and recyclable materials.

            • Don't forget Prague City University, a university whose students create in the studios at Pragovka. In addition to education, it offers interesting merchandise – from hats and bags to T-shirts.

            • Rugby Praga, a sports rugby team that is an integral part of the Pragovka complex, offers items that should not be missing from their loyal fans – scarves, bracelets, jerseys, or a rugby ball with unique printing. But what is really essential to supporting the team? Season Ticket with a selection of row and seats.

            • For fans of Max Habanec or skateboarding in general, we have a great tip. The Craness e-shop under the baton of Max and Daniel Rahman offers an incredible range, and you can purchase the "Skate of Mind" skate, shoes, or even merchandise clothes.

            FACTORY KAFE

            The newly opened café in the Pragovka premises prepared many interesting things for you to purchase for your loved ones.

            • Without lengthy choosing, you can buy a gift voucher for any amount at Factory Kafe, which will turn into something tasty during your visit.
                  • If you're playing it safe and you know the recipient is a coffee lover, Beansmith's coffee beans are also available.
                  • Traditional eggnog with interesting flavors cannot be missing either – this year pistachio, Christmas saffron, or vanilla. 
                  • And if you're looking for something stronger, the café's display offers cans of special beers, cider, or spirits and liqueurs from Czech suppliers

                  You can buy everything directly at the Factory Kafe bar :)

                  PRAGOVKA GALLERY

                    The gallery has prepared gifts for Christmas 2023 that celebrate the artistic community at Pragovka. That's why you can buy the book "Rusty Mouth/Magical Decade," which focuses on the development of the artistic community and residency exhibitions at Pragovka.

                    The second option is the catalog for the residential exhibition called Excel, which you can purchase directly at Pragovka Gallery desk.


                      But if you want to give the recipient the freedom of choice, there is nothing easier than buying a gift voucher at for our planned events.
                      Find our events on the calendar. And you can buy the voucher here:

                      We look forward to your purchases and wish you Merry Merry Merry Christmas :)