Open Call 2025

Pragovka Gallery announces Open Call for 2025 with the theme Resources.


25. 3. 2024

In 2025, you can become one of the exhibiting artists at the Pragovka Gallery! Apply through the open call for:

  1. Authorial and exhibition projects (meaning it is possible to apply with both authorial and
    curator work) to the exhibition program of Pragovka Gallery
  2. Creative residency programs at Pragovka for 2025.

We are looking for reflections of the concept of resources within different meanings and levels. Whether
these resources are human, environmental, material, energy-based, political, or emotional, spiritual,
cultural, financial, digital, or technical, they all have one thing in common as, without them, there is no
movement as a necessary life-giving process through which energy enters the system. Everything
comes from somewhere and arises from something.

How do humans affect the landscapes and natural resources of our planet by extracting them? What
would be the consequences of their scarcity and depletion for life on the planet? How can their scarcity
affect humans and other creatures? What are the visions for the future? Scarcity of resources also
results in political and social acts, such as wars, migration, movement to get a better life. But life is
more complicated than it may seem at first sight. How do information resources and the degree to
which they are true affect us?

What are the emotional and spiritual resources of creativity? How to use material resources in creating?
What part does recycling and upcycling play in the contemporary art? How to use digital resources in
creating contemporary art? Where do resources find their origin; is it indigenous food, a search for
indigenous people, or the place where rivers rise?

Reflecting on the topic offers such a wide range of answers where one answer picks up the threads of
another and where the degree of correctness is up to every single one of us.

Application deadline: 02/05/2024 (23:59/11:59 pm). Projects sent after the date will not be included
in the selection procedure.

Open Call is for both Czech and international artists and curators.

HERE you can find the application and more information.