Ritual / Exhibition

Faro moving station invites you to the interactive exhibition Ritual, which will take viewers into a world of traditions with rituals drawing on the oldest medieval cultures, translated into the contemporary language using new technologies.


od 24. 6. do 25. 6. 2022


24.6. - 10:00 am-6:00 pm 
25.6. - 10:00 am-5:00 pm


Velky Sal



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The Ritual exhibition is an interactive multimedia installation. The exhibition includes works by Nina Kirk and Michal Konvalinka, which are created specifically for this project. It is going to be possible to see paintings, objects, site-specific and audiovisual installations at the exhibition. The whole space will be accompanied by performers Petra Pellarová and Lenka Bartůňková.

The exhibition deals with the tradition and meaning of rituals drawing on the oldest records of ancient cultures and translates them into the contemporary language with the help of new technologies. With the gradual disappearance of traditions and therefore also the neglect or lagging behind of rituals, the authors of the exhibition want to point out this issue, which secondarily affects community life. Each community has its own specific rituals, whether of religious, spiritual significance or related to, for example, the significant transitional events of each individuality. By creating live guides to the exhibition in the form of performers and the active involvement of spectators, the authors want to make visitors aware that every individuality is part of the society. There is a certain need in the human psyche for a certain sacred experience that tears the individual out of the ordinariness and everyday life.

Artists: Nina Kirk, Michal Konvalinka
Performers: Lenka Kniha Bartunkova Petra Pellarova (Faro moving space)
Curator: Radka Zahradníková
Concept: Nina Kirk
Sound: Nina Kirk, Marek Havlicek