Dolce far niente II / Summer cinema

This year's second Dolce far niente at Pragovka!


28. 6. 2022


2:00 pm


E factory

Typ eventu


This year's second Dolce far niente will be accompanied by performances, site-specific installations by authors such as Petra Skořepová (site-specific installation), Darina Alster (video sequence of performances + live performance) , Zuzana Štefková , Mariana Serranová, Jakub Vorel (modern shamanism), Lucie Králíková-Jiří Zemánek - performative ceremony with a walk of a wandering university (Pilgrim), guest: Dagmar Šubrtová (green woman documentation plus site specific installation). And also a live stream connecting the Čáslav Rubber Factory (the second part of the Mycelium project) with the Mycelium/new form part of the Pragovka project. It will also include a projection of water from several locations where the artists currently exhibited in Pragovka and Gumarna will be located.

And in addition to this program there will be a guided tour with the curators and artists, illuminating the technological workings of the objects with external curator Monika Scüczová.

There will also be a children's workshop by Martin Vlček combining performative and artistic language and inspired by the Grounding project (Petra Skořepová and collective). Outlines of people, things, the floor and its "scan", drawing, frottage, painting.

And when it gets dark, it will be the turn of the summer cinema.