Pasta Oner

An art self-taught artist who has managed to create a distinctive synthesis between pop art, cartoon aesthetics, street art and to convince not only the lay but also the professional public of his vision and talent.


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 In recent years, he has also included the teachings of old masters in his eclecticism. Through a formally popular morphology, Pasta Oner characteristically reflects and ironizes contemporary society. Pop-art-traditional themes such as the fascination with the world of wealth and luxury frame the world of cyber society and the speed of information transfer, as well as the ever-accelerating, clip aesthetics of everyday life. He is one of the artists whose name is known to people outside the art scene. He has over 57 collective and 15 solo exhibitions of large projects. He has been working in Pragovka since 2016.

Author: Lucie Nováčková, in: Rezavá ústa/Magická dekáda, p.532.