Meet out residents - Pasta Oner

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22. 2. 2024

The artistic community is very important to us – Pragovka is rightfully called the Art District and home to many artistic studios and two galleries. For seven years now, Pasta Oner has been our resident, and we are very pleased that he will also be part of the newly reconstructed E Factory.

Pasta Oner is one of the most prominent artists of the contemporary Czech art scene. His work focuses on acrylic painting of canvases, but also on designing spatial installations and creating murals. His studio is not only a place of creation for him, but also a source of inspiration. At E Factory, he is most intrigued by the industrial spirit of the place and the fact that it is a historically protected factory building, as artistic studios belong in such spaces.

"I am looking forward to the building breathing back into its original state, which existed here many decades ago, and bringing with it a certain memory of the history of this locality," says Pasta Oner about the reconstructed E Factory, where his studio will move after completion of reconstruction. "I believe that the combination of the building with the public space will create an unparalleled atmosphere in the city," he adds.

We are delighted that he has chosen Pragovka for his creative work. You can find out more from the interview with Pasta Oner here.