Meet the Architects - TaK Architects

Work on the first phase of the reconstruction is still ongoing, but who is giving a new face to Building E?


23. 10. 2023

TaK Architects, an architectural studio founded in 2002, specializes in sensitive renovations of historic buildings. They have taken on the task of renovating the protected historical building.

Led by Marek Tichý, the team aims to preserve the original historical character of the building and its surroundings to the greatest extent possible. "Above all, we try to show how simple, straightforward, and beautiful the architecture of the First Czechoslovak Republic was, that is, the interwar period," says Marek Tichý about TaK Architects' approach to the entire reconstruction. The reconstruction aims to create a space for those who are attracted to bright spaces, transparency, an industrially austere interior, and modern technological amenities. The result will be a renovated building meeting contemporary modern standards while respecting its history. Part of the renovation also involves the expert restoration of historical elements of the original administrative building and their integration with modern elements. "After the reconstruction, E Factory will offer a wide range of spaces and services. The main purpose of the renovation is to connect the distinctive E-shaped building with the exterior, incorporating inner courtyards that will become part of the public space, allowing people to seamlessly transition from the exterior to the interior and enjoy the beauty of the architecture while refreshing themselves at a restaurant, grabbing a coffee, or visiting a gallery," Marek Tichý adds.

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