Greenery in Prague 9

Here are some possibilities that encourage for a post-work relaxation or a morning jog you can find in Pragovka’s vicinity.


4. 11. 2021

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Such as the commercial real estate in Vysočany continues booming, the new leisure public spaces are also being created and developed just as much. In the vicinity of Pragovka there are many such possibilities that encourage for a post-work relaxation or a morning jogging. Here are some of the many you can find in Pragovka’s vicinity.

Park Zahrádky

Newly emerging park which is gradually gaining its final form, was created on the land of a former gardening colony and now covers an area of more than 2 and a half hectares. The dominant feature of the park is the newly created Zahrádky pond. Park currently offers a castle for children, the so-called Vysočanské Mirakulum, with manholes, suspension bridges, lookout towers, water slides, overcoming height differences and other game elements. The nearby natural amphitheatre also invites visitors to relax. Through the park there are benches and natural places to wind down along the paved paths. A non-traditional playground in the form of a water World is also planned for the future. A nice walk from Pragovka along the Rokytka riverbed takes about 20 minutes.

Park U Vysočanského pivovaru

In the almost immediate vicinity of Pragovka you can find Park U Vysočanského pivovaru, where there are large grassy areas. All you have to do is pack a frisbee and a blanket and the program for a pleasant afternoon is solved. The park is only 5 minutes away from Pragovka.

Sady na Klíčově

Freely accessible orchards, where apples, pears, plums and other fruiting trees grow lies right in the heart of Vysočany. It is one of 36 public fruit orchards in Prague. In addition to fruiting trees, it is also possible to come across a free-grazing flock of sheep. The orchards in Klíč are thus a unique contrast to the industrial environment located less than half an hour’s walk from Pragovka.

Park Podviní

Less than two kilometres from Pragovka there is a large landscaped park covering an area of 4 hectares, but thanks to its diverse division it looks much larger. The park was established on the site of a desolate and inaccessible castle garden. Rare aged trees and ponds were used from the original garden to build the park. The inspiration for the creators of the park was the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, which is one of the wonders of the world. The dominant feature of the park is a Celtic fortified settlement in the shape of a lizard’s back with corridors, a tunnel and a view over the Dragon’s Lake. In addition, the lizard’s back forms an amphitheatre with an auditorium. Watercourses are an omnipresent element of the park which is inviting for pleasant walks, picnics and afternoon workouts.

These all are secluded oases in the middle of newly emerging urban environment. Snaking paths, blooming trees and old-fashioned benches, where people take lunch on a sunny day and walk their dogs. Kids love it too, particularly with the playground areas. Take a walk along the canal on a quiet Sunday and enjoy the calm, where there’s likely to be just you and the ducks and get close to nature without leaving the city.

photo by Marcel Rozhoň