The future of Pragovka Art District through the eyes of students of architecture at ČVUT

For the third time, the students of the Suske - Tichý studio looked into the future of Pragovka and shared their vision for our district.


10. 10. 2022

At Pragovka, we are very pleased that young people perceive the potential of the area just like we do.

The designs are different, but they have something in common. They combine the idea of restoring this brownfield area so that it becomes an inviting neigbourhood.

During the summertime we‘ve collected and presented 24 projects showcasing unique ideas from student housing to a university, a gallery to multifunctional buildings. Although they were all presented for academic purposes only and do not represent the real plans or intentions of the developers, they are certainly an inspiration for Pragovka's future direction.

Explore an online review of these projects HERE.

Find out our vision, goals and plans either on site in our HUB (space behind Kafe Pragovka) or follow our story online on our website or social media.