Meet the Architects - PHA+P

Are you interested in who is involved in shaping the future of the E Factory and Pragovka area as a whole?


28. 6. 2023

We are very proud to collaborate with leading Czech architects and urban planners on the entire project. One of them is Pavel Hnilička-Architects+Plannes.

Pavel Hnilička, together with Theresa Kjellberg, has created an urban study dedicated to the future development of the entire district. The District Masterplan envisions the Pragovka area as a vibrant neighborhood with all the necessary amenities. The main goal is to establish a local center reflecting the needs of our current and future residents and visitors within the industrial area in the heart of Vysočany. "In the urban design, we emphasize the creation of a city with short distances, where everyday needs are easily accessible. This is achieved through a chosen mix of functions and appropriate building density. The district's structure follows the traditional city concept - careful composition of streets and squares creates pleasant public spaces that invite not only residents but also the wider community to enjoy. We highlight the genius loci of the original industrial buildings and complement the neighborhood with a layer of blue-green infrastructure that leads to the green oasis of the entire project - Rokytka Park," adds Theresa Kjellberg, co-author of the Pragovka Art District masterplan.

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