Performance by František Dvořák & Jiří Habarta + GUFRAU

Pragovka Gallery invites you to an accompanying program to the current group exhibition Heuristic Algorithm on April 4 from 6 pm.


4. 4. 2024




Pragovka Gallery

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The evening will include a synth performance by František Dvořák with Jiří Habarta (Květy, Ghost of You) and a short set by the art group GUFRAU. There will also be a catalogue launch and a guided tour. FRANTIŠEK DVOŘÁK & JIŘÍ HABARTA (Květy, Ghost of You) - DIALOGUES WITH UNCERTAINTY.

Synthesizer performance reflects the theme of the exhibition focused on the process of problem solving. The music evolves from uncertain tones to moments of recognition, mirroring the journey from confusion to clarity without offering definitive answers. The performance serves as a sonic counterpart to the visual art, inviting reflection and interpretation. The artist František Dvořák and Jiří Habarta, bassist and keyboardist from the bands Květy and Ghost of You, will perform.

GUFRAU is an art music group based in Prague, consisting of three members - H4GO, Kubmat and Moneyossel. With their own blend of EDM, electro, jazz, techno, and rap, they are able to produce their own unique sound.

6:00pm doors
6:15pm catalogue launch
6:30pm Guided tour through the exhibition Heuristic Algorithm
7:00pm performance FRANTIŠEK DVOŘÁK & JIŘÍ HABARTA + Gufrau set

The evening will also include a performance of Matěj Boček's residency.