Kůrovec / Instalace & Performance

The international festival of documentary theater AKCENT 2022 presents a sound-light installation and non-anthropocentric performance Kůrovec in Pragovec.


od 22. 11. do 29. 11. 2022




190 CZK

Typ eventu


Performance: 23 and 29.11. from 7 p.m
Installation: 22–29.11. during the opening hours of Kafe Pragovka

Concept: Amálie Poledníčková
Lighting design: Ondřej Zunt, Petr Sychra
Music: Stanislav Pecháč
Performers: Barbora Dolanová, Amálie Poledníčková
Foresters: Radim Maleček, Přemysl Šulc.

Kůrovec - light installation and performance by the authors Amália Poledníčková and Nous kolektiv. The light installation in the context of the industrial environment of Pragovka alternates the harshly cold atmosphere in the center of the centralization with the warm atmosphere of the decaying forest. The forest as a community space, everyone's land. Installation as a proposal for responsibility. Performance as a call to participation.