Tying Advent wreaths / CANCELLED

Advent and Christmas time are very close, so having an Advent wreath is a must!


25. 11. 2022






2000 CZK

Typ eventu


You don't want to buy an Advent wreath and would you rather make it yourself? We have a great opportunity for you to heat up your creative cells and create a unique advent wreath according to your ideas, while also having a pleasant refreshment at Kafe Pragovka. Rozkvetlá dílna has prepared a workshop for you, where you will get all the know-how not only about tying wreaths.

The price of CZK 2,000 includes:

  • all material including Czech-made candles
  • various greenery and decorations
  • tools
  • lecturer's fee for Rozkvetlá dílna
  • great coffee or tea and dessert at Kafe Pragovka

The capacity of the course is 10 people. Don't hesitate and book your place!