Úzkost brankáře při penaltě / Vernissage

Pragovka Gallery and The White Room invite you to the opening of the new group exhibitions Úzkost brankáře při penaltě.


13. 4. 2023




Pragovka Gallery

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Since around 2017, Michal Kříž has been consistently creating drawing diary records, in which he uses the most primitive artistic means to comment on the stereotypical and purposelessness of his everyday life. In these randomly captured comments and reflections, infused with the humor of a patient in a terminal stage, he indifferently constructs his autobiography lacking biographical facts, reflecting the fragmented and illusory nature of his own personality: inherent alienation, aimless anxiety, disorientation, loneliness, redundant libido, and other common attributes of a middle-aged man's life.

Exhibiting artist: Michal Kříž

Curator: Pavel Švec