Fyzická nemožnost ticha v nepokoji mysli / Vernissage

Pragovka Gallery and The White Room invite you to the opening of the new exhibition Fyzická nemožnost ticha v nepokoji mysli.


13. 4. 2023




Pragovka Gallery

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Basically, it doesn't matter whether Marek Kvetan was inspired by intimately felt pressure when creating his current multimedia installation "Physical Impossibility of Silence in the Restless Mind" for the reinstallation at the Pragovka Gallery in Prague, which is eroding the rationality of reasonable thinking, in contact with privately-individual finality, and being ground into dust by random gusts of wind. Or perhaps, like many of us, he was taken aback by the terrifyingly unpredictable and uncontrollable episode of the pandemic, an episode that will be remembered as the first but certainly not the last, which also exposed him to the helplessness and impotence of imagination, imaginative delusions that are no less sophisticated than the most apocalyptic visions of chiliastic delirium. Or, this possibility is just as valid, he is dating the end of humanity, the end of man, which is not a destruction but a collapse of the last certainty that remains to us. Or maybe it's all at once.

The currently realized environment by Marek Kvetan is thus a physical invocation of mental unrest, a message of inquiry into the restless mind, a questioning and invitation to participate in journeys into chaos that may still restore lost meaning.

Featured artist: Marek Kvetan

Curator: Noro Lacko