District master plan

With the help of leading Czech architects and urban planners, this historic factory area is becoming a center for culture and city life.

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As part of the revitalisation of the entire area, new places for live art, culture or sports, as well as educational, office, commercial and gastronomic purposes will be gradually born here. Pragovka will also introduce public spaces and residential housing - from student campuses to more luxurious lofts.

However, the unique genius loci will certainly stay. The historically protected factory halls are gradually being carefully renovated by leading Czech architects and urban planners in order to create a full-fledged city district that will meet the requirements of residents and visitors while fully preserving its unique industrial-artistic character and historical value. From the very beginning, the architectural studios TaK, Pavel Hnilička and Schindler Seko have been involved in the project taking special care to preserve its heritage yet creating liveable space for citizens.

Pavel Hnilička studio is leading the master plan project of the entire complex.