Q&A #1

We know that every new construction project raises a lot of questions. And that's also the case with Pragovka. We would like to clarify everything and that's why we asked on social media what you are most interested in about the reconstruction.


12. 6. 2023

Here you can find a selection of the most interesting questions from social media Q&As. If you have any additional unanswered questions while reading, please contact us at info@pragovka.com, our Instagram, or the Facebook. We will be happy to answer every question for you.

  • What is the vision for Pragovka?

You can read about the direction of the entire area in our Masterplan created by the renowned architectural studio of Pavel Hnilička. Essentially, the transformation of the area aims to create a fully-fledged urban neighborhood with all the necessary amenities, including housing, offices, parks, and spaces for art and sports. However, the main vision is to maintain and support the existing community and create a pleasant environment for everyone.

  • What does Pragovka offer to visitors and locals?

Improved local infrastructure, a nicer and safer environment, social facilities for the elderly and the youngest. Green parks that will connect currently disconnected parts of the city part, pedestrian and cycling zones. The Pragovka area will become a pleasant and secure place where you will want to spend your time, whether it's for professional or leisure purposes.

  • Will there be a cycle path passing through Pragovka at some point?

In the Masterplan, we definitely consider implementing cycle paths within the Pragovka area. We aim for cycling to become a regular part of urban life. We are working on various ways to connect existing cycling routes with new ones that will provide connections between the parks in the northern part of Vysočany and Rokytka.

  • What is the timeline for renovations and construction phases in the vicinity?

Within the Pragovka area, the overall completion of the E Factory renovation is planned for the end of 2025. After its completion, we will proceed with other projects, such as student housing and the construction of a multifunctional building in the immediate vicinity of the E Factory.

As for when we will start working on other projects within the Pragovka Art District, it currently depends on the process of necessary changes to the land-use plan, which we initiated in 2020. This process takes time. We firmly believe that all the changes will be successful soon, and you will be able to enjoy the new Pragovka as soon as possible.