Pragovka for Art

Do you want to know more about the art scene and galleries at Pragovka? Pragovka for Art is the main actor of artistic activities.


24. 5. 2023

The driving force behind the artistic activities at Pragovka is the Pragovka For Art association, which has been operating in our premises since 2017. However, the artistic community began forming much earlier, as the studios with their authentic atmosphere have been providing a base for artists since 2010.

Pragovka for Art operates the Pragovka Gallery and the exhibition space The White Room, organizes a residency program for Czech and international artists, supports the artistic community, and is behind successful events such as the popular ArtBazaar and the summer cinema.

The expanding membership base of the association consists of artists with studios in Pragovka and individuals who contribute to its activities, sharing its mission. However, the daily operations of the association are not solely managed by its members. Exhibitions could not come to fruition without artists and curators, the residency program would not function without Czech and international artists who gladly come to Pragovka and draw inspiration from it. Community events would not be possible without external dramaturges, and everything would not run smoothly without the production team, with Daniela, Kristýna and Filip at its core.

All the association's activities, including the operation of both galleries, continue during the reconstruction, and they will also have their place in the newly renovated E Factory building. After the completion of the reconstruction, you will find Pragovka Gallery and The White Room at the same address.