Flower SWAP

Come join us at the plant exchange event at Factory Kafe!


26. 5. 2024




Factory Kafe

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Come and enjoy a beautiful day full of plant exchange and activities. The event will feature two workshops, one for children, which is completely free, and the other focusing on creating transplanting mats. Bring your plants and discover new green treasures!

Workshops by Pragovka Gallery: 

In the art workshop for children, you will focus on the diversity of flowers and plants, their structure, and the variety of colors. How do they differ and what interesting details can we discover on them? Through simple techniques and aids, you will focus on how to capture nature in an innovative way without having to draw or paint. The workshop is intended for all children who enjoy creating and want to learn something new.

Transplanting Mat Workshop
- recommended contribution 70 CZK for materials
Join Pragovka Gallery in making a robust and waterproof mat for planting, which we will sustainably make from our old banners. The mat simply unfolds on the ground, the edges are folded up and fixed with rivets to prevent anything from falling out. You can choose the size and color of the rivets on the spot and assemble the mat yourself with our assistance.

Event rules:
Healthy plants: All plants brought for exchange must be healthy and free of signs of pests or diseases.
Plant diversity: Plants suitable for exchange may include both indoor plants and herbs or plants suitable for balcony gardening.
Plant cuttings: In addition to whole plants, participants can also bring plant cuttings to offer smaller pieces of their green beauty.
Exchange principle: The basic principle of the swap is to exchange one piece of plant for another selected piece. Each participant has the opportunity to offer and choose plants according to their preference.
Fairness and respect: Please maintain fairness and respect towards other participants. Remember that the goal is to share and expand your green collection.
Recommendation: It is recommended to bring plants labeled with the species name so that participants can choose according to their preferences. These simple principles will ensure a pleasant and effective exchange of flowers for all participants.