Rugby Club's season farewell

This year's farewell to the Rugby season will take place on Saturday, June 17. It will be full of an accompanying program that both children and adults can look forward to.


17. 6. 2023




RC Praga Praha

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Part of the program is Prague's match for survival, i.e. the play-off match of the men's "A" team. Praga has to fight to stay in the extra league with RC Dragon Rugby Brno. Another program will be a tournament in (almost) non-contact rugby, to which you can sign up. The traditional baking competition must not be missed, and there will be a prize for the best sweet and savory desserts. Awards will also be given to the most original headgear and the most original mustaches for men. For children and young people, stations with rugby skills will be prepared on the field after the match. After successfully completing the station, each participant receives a stamp, and after completing all the stamps, a Prague prize.

As is usual with rugby, there will be plenty of food and drink at the end of the season, there will be stands with barbecue, wine, beer and a fan shop.