Interviews with Magdalena Kleszyńska / Research

The first foreign artist residency in 2023 brings the opportunity to engage in research and the subsequent exhibition at the Pragovka Gallery.


od 9. 1. do 13. 1. 2023


Pragovka Gallery

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For several years, Magdalena Kleszyńska has been interested in creating works of art based on everyday objects that come from different sources, from different places, from different moments in time. He works with objects close to home, with those we have inherited from our ancestors, as well as with those that come from archaeological and historical museum collections, and with their stories.

She will work with them as part of her first residency at the Pragovka Gallery and would like to ask you, to share with her the stories of the objects most important to you. You may also find yourself at her exhibition in Pragovka Gallery (March 3 – March 30, 2023).

You can participate in the project personally in the form of an interview with the artist in English on the following dates:

9. 1. 2023 16:00–19:00
10. 1. 2023 10:00–13:00
11. 1. 2023 16:00–19:00
12. 1. 2023 10:00–13:00
13. 1. 2023 10:00–13:00

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