OOZE / Exhibition

OOZE exhibition (January 20 - March 30, 2023, Rear) by Latvian artist Laimdota Malle will take place at Pragovka Gallery.


od 20. 1. do 30. 3. 2023


Pragovka Gallery

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The works of the installation OOZE revolve around two main concepts – departure and time. Theexhibition reflects on the questions of what happens after leaving – how the things we have experienced start to crack and fade, whether it is possible to keep anything of what has decided to disappear and what imprints are left on us by those who have faded away. OOZE approaches both the transparency of thoughts and an attempt to grasp the carnal nature of materiality, forcing us to constantly question the realness of experience. OOZE explores the clear yet fearful sense that existence is extremely uncertain and fragile, and that it can disappear completely at any moment.

Laimdota Malle actively worked across varied media, including drawing, printing, sculpture, and animated images in order to create installations with a specific interest in questioning meanings of collective and personal experiences. Through her own experiences, sometimes traumatic, combined with the need to research, understand, and collect, she creates metaphorical stories that reveal hitherto unknown landscapes and realities that may well belong to the past as well as present and future.