Experiment – Boudníkova klika / Exhibition

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od 17. 11. do 14. 12. 2023


tue–fri: 2pm–8pm
sat–sun: 12am–6pm



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The exhibition "Experiment – Boudníkova klika" is a group exhibition of artists (Matěj Hrbek, Tomáš Hrubiš, Iva Krupicová, Eduardo Lara, Zuzana Růžičková) whose domain is works on paper. All artists have specific experimental approaches that are a key element in their practice. Experiment strongly stimulates inspirational creativity, thus creating space for original creation. At the same time, through experimentation, limits can be tested and the possibilities of techniques expanded, allowing for unexpected results that may surprise viewers. It allows artists to see the world from new perspectives, leading to the creation of works with deeper meaning and purpose. In printmaking and drawing, it allows artists to detect their own style, as well as to push the boundaries of these techniques, which are still neglected in the Czech Republic, in the context of the modernist background. It enables artists to better understand how their works communicate with the audience. This increases the effectiveness of the visual message and interaction with the audience. The subtitle of the exhibition refers to Vladimír Boudník, a pioneer of Czech modern graphic art, who worked in one of the halls of Pragovka and was closely connected with Vysočany both professionally and artistically. The exhibition is conceived as an exposition of friends, where each of the artists will present his current work. The focal point will be a performative wall, which will be created as a collective work of the exhibitors, and where the audience will be expected to interact during the exhibition and actively participate. The opening will also play an important role, as it will be a smaller explosionist happening.
Text: Adam Hnojil

Artists: Matěj Hrbek, Tomáš Hrubiš, Iva Krupicová, Eduardo Lara, Zuzana Růžičková
Curator: Adam Hnojil