Educational program for the Magdaléna Kleszyńská exhibition / Sundays at the Gallery

Come and enjoy another of the Sundays at the Gallery series and explore the exhibition in a different way.


12. 3. 2023




Pragovka Gallery

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During the workshop called Create a time capsule for future generations, you will explore the history of your families, cities and create a time record of you and your present for generations far into the future. The art workshop is inspired by the exhibition MAPS OF MEMORIES by the Polish artist Magdaléna Kleszyńska, where, among other things, she examines everyday objects in different cultures.

Register in advance at - capacity is 15 places.
(Kids from 6 to 12). 

For several years, Magdalena Kleszyńska has been interested in creating works of art based on everyday objects that come from different sources, from different places, from different moments in time. He works with objects close to home, with those we have inherited from our ancestors, as well as with those that come from archaeological and historical museum collections, and with their stories.