VIA / Exhibition

The VIA exhibition is full of different techniques, methods and themes. David Strauzz, artist resident of Pragovka, will present his works in The White Room.


od 26. 5. do 29. 6. 2023


tue–thu: 2pm–8pm
fri–sun: 12am–6pm


The White Room

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The Via exhibition will present the current work of David Strauzz, which opens up themes that we all carry within ourselves, but often prefer to leave safely behind closed doors. Among them is the Jungian shadow, our other side of personality that remains unseen even though it would often like to break through to the surface. The mirror image of the human being is an extremely important part of David Strauzz's work, as are the related themes of existence and "non-existence" that permeate his portraits, masks and other objects and site-specific installations. The never-ending fear of existential uncertainty throws one onto the stage of the theatre of the absurd and leads to the underlying theme of the exhibition, which is the willingness to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Curator: Kristýna Jirátová