She Sells Seashells / Dernissage

A curatorial project by Lawrence Wells as part of the group dernisasage She Sells Seashells.


30. 3. 2023




The White Room

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Informed by natural processes, this exhibition contains both representational and abstract poetic responses to the current moment, full of crises, in which we struggle to find a post-human solution to halt or even reverse the effects of the anthropocene. Like mollusks, we filter elements of the environment, both physical and psychic, to build objects that we leave behind after we die. We spread out like archipelagic constellations, island hopping from one world to the next. We walk Shakespeare's coasts of Bohemia discovering treasures cast up from the depths.

Curator: Lawrence Wells
Exhibiting artists: Jindřiška Jabůrková, Radim Langer, Miroslava Večeřová, Barbora Vovsová, Lawrence Wells