Odpovím ti zítra / Vernissage

Pragovka Gallery and The White Room invite you to the opening of the new group exhibition Odpovím ti zítra.


13. 4. 2023




The White Room

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A trio of young female artists in their joint exhibition presentation prepared specifically for The White Room confronts three distinct creative positions, united by a determinedly subjective search for possibilities of communication through the medium of painting. A multilayered self-reflective study of complicated social and psychological phenomena takes place across a wide spectrum of authorial approaches, ranging from "classical" veristic representation to experimental games on the very edge of the essence of the painterly medium. Characteristic elements are repeatedly occurring motifs of destruction and decay, which are often followed by attempts at reconstruction or efforts to overcome the limits of two-dimensionality of the image on various formal levels.

Exhibiting artists: Adéla Kostkanová, Lucie Kultová, Veronika Nemejovská

Curator: Milan Mikuláštík